A Note to the Readers

So I was thinking of making use of the unexpected lock-down to work on making my blog a tad bit more readable, so I’ll be soon be adding a couple of pages which will help people navigate through this quagmire of long sentences. I’ll add a short description for each page here .

Articles : These are pieces I have written and published in either and online or offline source. If it’s online, I’ll be putting up a link, while if it was offline it I’ll be putting it up as a post here.

Essays: These essays are either written assignments for classes or stuff I think I can never try getting published anytime soon inclusive of book, film and anime reviews.

Strategos: I’m no military leader, but I’ll be damned if I’ll pass up an opportunity to brag of my skills in leading virtual armies to victory. There will be an element of role-play in the posts, so I’d appreciate it if people took it as it is supposed to be taken.

Published by sathyajithsmanthanath

I am but a gadfly attached to the state

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